Toilet brush Paradise White

Item 20259100

UPC 4008838202593

  • Unusual, closed toilet bowl brush
  • Made of high quality acrylic
  • In trendy white
  • Toilet bowl brush with a replaceable, black brush head with a diameter of 2.56 in
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 3.46 x 14 x 4.41 in
The bathroom accessories series Paradise White with its items made of high quality acrylic, sets charming accents in the bathroom and guest toilet. The toilet is cleaned thoroughly by using the practical toilet bowl brush. Due to its durable and adaptable bristles, the brush guarantees reliable usage. The brush holder keeps the brush within easy reach in a decorative manner. Due to the closed form, odours are prevented from escaping and the toilet bowl brush is not directly visible. The set includes a toilet bowl brush with a black, replaceable brush head with a diameter of 2.56 in.


Color White
Material Acrylic
Measurement W: 4,37 in. x H: 13,98 in. x D: 3,46 in.
Weight in grams 765
Scope of delivery toilet brush, holder

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