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Vacuum-Loc bathroom squeegee

Item 20877100

UPC 4008838208779

  • Vacuum-Loc - Adhesion without drilling
  • Can be re-positioned many times
  • Can be removed without leaving residue
  • Suction system comprising Locs and pump
  • Extremely strong hold
No more water marks on the glass shower partition! The shower squeegee from the Vacuum-Loc series has a double blade lip and therefore cleans very thoroughly. The worldwide innovation in mounting technology is called Vacuum-Loc! The unique system enables fast, easy and reliable attachment of the accessories on all air-impermeable and uneven surfaces. The new Vacuum-Loc system consists of a pump and mounting Locs; there is no need for drilling or screwing, and even suction pads are not necessary. The Vacuum-Locs can be re-positioned anywhere again and again and can be removed without leaving any residue. The Vacuum-Loc system has a European patent protection and guarantees a firm hold. Each mounting Loc has a load-bearing tensile force of up to 72.75lb.


Color Hook: Chrome, Wiper: Shiny
Material Hook: Steel, Wiper: Stainless steel
Measurement W: 9,84 in. x H: 8,46 in. x D: 2,36 in.
Weight in grams 416
Scope of delivery squeegee, holder, Vacuum-Loc mounting, pump, screws and dowels


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