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  • Saves space due to its angular shape
  • High-quality stainless steel dish rack
  • With separate black plastic cutlery compartment
  • Accommodates 12 large and 10 small plates
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 14.76 x 4.13 x 14.76 in
How about making use of spare space in the kitchen? The practical corner dish rack is the ideal opportunity. When you perhaps can't fit everything into the dishwasher or when your best tableware needs to be hand-washed, you need a place to put tableware or cutlery to dry. The corner dish rack is not only suitable for quick washing up now and again, but also makes use of a free corner in the kitchen, thus saving lots of space. The high-quality stainless steel dish rack with its separate plastic cutlery compartment reduces the use of the dishwasher, thus helping to save money. The corner dish rack offers space for 12 large and 10 small plates. The matt-finish stainless steel tray collects the drip water and keeps the kitchen dry and clean.


Color Dish rack: Silver, Tray: Silver, Cutlery Tray: Black
Material Dish rack: Stainless steel, Tray: Stainless steel, Cutlery Tray: PP
Measurement W: 14,76 in. x H: 4,13 in. x D: 14,76 in.
Weight in grams 900
Scope of delivery dish rack, placement area, cutlery box


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