Washing-up liquid dispenser True Colours Festival White

Item 3620115100

UPC 4008838439869

  • Washing-up liquid or soap dispenser with integrated space for household sponges
  • SOFT-TOUCH surface (rubber-coated ceramics) in white
  • High-gloss chrome-plated plastic pump for portioned dispensing of washing-up liquid
  • Refillable
  • Capacity approx. 12.85us fl oz
The washing-up liquid dispenser Festival sets discreet accents in a classic white finish. The high-gloss, chrome plated plastic pump, combined with the non-slip, rubber-coated ceramics (SOFT-TOUCH ceramics) ensures an exclusive ambience in any kitchen. The decorative dispenser can be individually filled with up to 12.85us fl oz of washing-up liquid. The desired quantity of washing-up liquid is dispensed by gently pressing the dosing button. The integrated storage option for a kitchen sponge is a practical extra.


Color White
Material Soft-Touch ceramic
Measurement W: 3,94 in. x H: 7,09 in. x D: 3,94 in.
Weight in grams 460
Scope of delivery dispenser for dish liquid

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